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TO YOU GUYS, I am crying cause I miss you all, LJUBIM VAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!

A perfect week..Every day with you guys here I woke up,and I was just happy ,happy that you all are with me, happy to know you,happy to know that we all will meet, but now...I woke Up, hoping it was a very bad dream that you all had to leave yesterday...but It wasn't a dream,the sad truth..but well AMIGOS; moje BRATES, MOJ TOVARIS , WE WILL MEET AGAIN, hundred , thousand , MILLION TIMES!!I don't know how to hold on untill we all will meet again,but don't forget,FOR ME YOU ARE THE BEST NO MATTER HOW FAR AWAY YOU ARE LIVING,NO MATTER HOW LOMG WE WON't SEE US BUT YOU ARE CARJIIIIIII! I still see the tears in your eyes,and I am still crying but I try to hold on untill we will meet again! It was just perfect with you guys but now I am just sad that you all had to leave so soon..It was a week full of wonderfull moments, I still remember the moment when the train arrived in "Bad Bergzabern" like it was yesterday and not one week ago, I still remember the moment when the doors oppened and I saw your faces, saw you smiles and than I was just happy, I can't describe that feeling it was just wonderfull to see you all again, It was wonderfull to recognize the same smile on your faces that I had when I saw you, it was great to see ya , to know that you are here now! I know it sounds strange But I can say it for sure "LJUBIM VAS" I am crying now ,while I am writing those lines tears are falling down on my desk,on my shirt, I want you to know that you all are the very best people I've ever met, I don't want to miss you and I WISH I COULD BE ALWAYS WITH YOU, WE HAVE TO meet again and we will! I know I seems to be impossible we only knew each other for one week, but already after our visit in slovenia I knew that you are special, I felt like loosing best friends when we had to go ,It was like I had known you for years and NOW it's even worse I am missing you guys you are carjiiiiiiiiiiiiii , you are special, you make me smile,always, you make me happy ...You all are with me,every moment and with every breath I take, I just want you to know that I will try to see you all again as often as possible!When the train back to slovenia went out of the train station It felt like loosing a part of me, loosing best friends, loosing the most important persons in life, and for me it was that way, you are the best and I miss you, words can't describe it, in the moment for me there is just emptiness and sadness because you all are not here anymore...but I try to think about the summer, I will come, FOR SURE,and thats the moment I live on to the Moment I am looking forward to! YOU ARE CARJIIIIIIIIiiiiiiii , LJUBIM VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!FOR me it feels like we had been friends already for 10 years,you are just the best and I am missing you!

22.4.07 12:33


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