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LJU BIM TE Slovenija!!
rom pom pom se ne gremo domov!
wanna go back!!
Really I had to go, leave , some ones would call it an ending, But I call It an interruption , Nothing more,
My Hearth will stay with you all, everytime , everywhere , and for sure for ever, you all are special , you all are unique, I've never met some one like you, I like you all, and I miss you , but we will meet again,many times, thousand times, as often as possible

You are carjiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D my amigos, my muci ,my carjiii I miss you

22.3.07 22:02

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johny muci (22.3.07 22:40)
..we miss you too amigo :D ...

Kata (23.3.07 14:55)
ich vermisse euch auch****zu vielaber wir sehen uns bald

mirko (24.3.07 13:12)
Ich vermisse dich mein amigo aber wir sehen uns nach 23 tage und thausendmal mehr spater

loly / Website (25.3.07 22:46)
heyyy, u write blogs too Im glad to see that And don´t be so pesimistic about that girl, things will fix out! And if this girl is ignoring you, i don´t think shes worth what u are giving to her...

luKa (26.3.07 15:02)
"but we will meet again,many times, thousand times, as often as possible"

I hope what you are saying is true :D i miss you all very much, some of you especially and I cant wait to come go Germany to see you again. 20 more days...

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